Darra Adam Khel
Pakistan Hunting And Sporting Arms Development Company

Dara Adam Khel is a Federally Administrated Tribal Area (F.R, FATA). It is situated at a distance of about 45 kilometers in the south of Peshawar. Dara Adam Khel is famous for its light engineering industry Sporting Arms and Replicas of vintage weapons forming a cluster of around 200 small units. Thousands of people mainly tribesmen involved in manufacturing sporting arms and replicas while some skilled labors hail from Punjab and KPK. The artisan of Dara Adam Khel have been involved in engineering for decades and are known across Asia for this. This sector has been the main income and employment provider. Since long 80% of the population is dependent directly or indirectly on this sector for their livelihoods.

Potential of Engineering Sector of Dara Adam Khel

Dara Adam Khel has a great potential of producing hand crafted small arms. They can produce replicas / copies of renowned models, old vintage weapons as well as producing quality sporting and hunting arms, which can be exported abroad. There is a huge market in foreign market (USA and Europe etc) for replicas and vintage weapons. The gunsmith cluster has been able to attract foreign buyers and has generated export orders for sporting/ hunting guns and copies of vintage weapons as they have been producing these weapons since long. However, further work is needed, if they are to increase the market share in the world market.

Summary of Dara Adam Khel Firearms Industry

Establishment: 100+ years

Total Number of People Employed: 9,730

Number of people employed directly: 3,670

Number of People employed indirectly: 6,060

No. of Small Arms Units: 120

No. of Small Working Places (Workshops): 245

Skill Level: High

Product Segmentation:

Pistol- TT33 variant 7.62x25mm

Pistol TT33 variant 9x19mm

Pistols - Berretta 92 FS variants 9x19mm

Pump Action Shot guns in different styles 12 Bore

Shotguns Side By Side 12 Bore