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Cutlery in general usage, is the term used collectively for all types of cutting instruments. These include implements that are used for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. Specifically, cutlery refers to utensils employed in the household like flatware utensils, including knives, spoons forks and other specialized implements, for eating and serving food. Swords, scissors, manicure and pedicure sets & instruments and non-electric razors are also classified as cutlery. Cutlery is broadly divided into two categories i.e. kitchen and table cutlery and non-kitchen and non-table cutlery.

According to the International Trade Center’s (ITC) classification, the following items fall under the umbrella of cutlery:

• Sets of different knives/art (821110)

• Table knives with fixed blades (821191)

• Other knives and swords etc (821192)

• Pocket & Pen Knives with folding blades (821193)

• Blades for knives (821194)

• Handles for knifes of base metal (821195)

• Razors including safety razors & open blades (821210)

• Safety razor blades, blanks in strips (821220)

• Parts of non electric razors (821290)

• Scissors, tailors (821300)

• Paper knives, letter openers, erasing knives, pencil sharpeners etc (821410)

• Manicure and pedicure sets and instruments (nail files) (821420)

• Kitchen chopper, cleavers & mincing knives & other articles (821490)

• Table ware sets plated with precious metal (821510)

• Tableware sets without plating (821520)

• Plated tableware articles not in sets (821591)

• Tableware articles without plating (821599)

Cutlery is a branch of the engineering industry that is involved in the business of manufacturing different kinds cutting instruments. The progress of the manufacturing industry has, however, detached from it the fabrication of several kinds of edge tools, saws and similar implements, the manufacture of which is now regarded as forming distinct branches of trade.

Development of Cutlery Industry in Pakistan

The cutlery sector is an important one. The industry structure reflects that it is purely comprised of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in nature, and is lacking in modern technology. The major portion of this industry is situated in the locality of Wazirabad, Nazimabad and Allahbad in the Gujranwala district of the province of Punjab. There are approximately 300 units present in this region - about half of them are registered SMEs with the Pakistan Cutlery & Stainless Steel Utensils Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PCSSUMEA). Approximately 25,000 people are associated directly or indirectly to this sector, producing 5000 pieces per day manually.

The cutlery cluster in Wazirabad is world famous for its products. It is situated in the North of Lahore at the triangle of cities of Gujranwala, Sialkot and Gujrat. There is a high concentration of small-scale metal/light engineering industrial units that are concentrated mainly in its suburban areas.

Knives manufacturing is a sub-sector of light engineering. There are various types of knives; usually different knives are segregated on the basis of their use. Under Harmonized coding systems knives are described at chapter 82 sub-heading 8211 as follows:

8211.1000 -Sets of assorted articles

8211.9100 -- Table knives having fixed blades

8211.9200 -- Other knives having fixed blades

8211.9300 -- Knives having other than fixed blades

8211.9400 -- Blades

8211.9500 -- Handles of base metal