Pakistan Hunting And Sporting Arms Development Company

Peshawar has 66 manufacturing units engaged in producing variety of hunting and sporting firearms. Main cluster is located in Small Industrial Estate Kohat Road; however five units are situated on GT road. Products produced in these clusters are mainly handguns of 9x19 mm and 7.62 mm variants of different brands, SXS shotguns in 12 gauges. Pump action shotgun manufacturing is also found common among these units.

Few of the small or shop sized units are clustered in the area of Afghan colony and on Eidgah road. These units are mainly producing hunting accessories like gun slips, gun keeps and hunting jacked but are far behind international standards. Quality and quantity consistency is another issue which is beyond their control as they are weak financially.

Among all firearms producing units, only one unit was exporting to few countries in very small quantities. Since PHSADC incorporation many fundamental issue like identification and procurement of right material to standard manufacturing techniques and practices have been introduced in the cluster. These interventions have enabled few more units to produce internationally acceptable products. These products have been showcased at PHSADC stand in international exhibitions and now are linked with international market for exports.

Summary of SME's

Employment: 4500

Directly Employed: 1500

Indirectly Employed: 3000

No. of Arms Units: 66

No. of Retail Arms & Ammunition Shops: 150

Products Segmentation:

Pistol TT33 variant 7.62x25mm

Pistol TT33 variant 9x19mm

Pistols - Berretta 92 Fs variants 9x19mm

Pistol - Makarove variants 9x19mm

Pump Action Shot guns 12 Bore

Shotguns Side By Side 12, .410 Bore

Skills Level High