Pakistan Hunting And Sporting Arms Development Company


Pakistan Hunting & Sporting Arms Development Company (PHSADC) is a sector development company working as a subsidiary of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) under administrative control of Ministry of Industries and Production, Government of Pakistan. PHSADC is mandated to promote hunting, sporting arms and allied products manufacturing industry through multi-dimensional support framework of activities to make this sector technologically sound and globally integrated.

Among the small arms and light weapons (SALW), PHSADC scope of work revolves around hunting and sporting firearms that include following:

Fire Arms: - Shot Guns (Side by Side, Over & Under, Pump Action, Semi Automatic) Pistols & Rifles

Knives, Daggers and Swords: - Hunting Knives, Daggers (Damascus & Stainless Steel) & Swords

Leather & Fabric accessories :- Gun Cases and Covers, cartridge belts and slings, holsters, shot shell bags, Gun Slips n boxes, game carrier, sleeping bags, tents, archery equipment and other outdoor accessories

Sports Wear: - T & Polo shirts, Shooting and hunting vest, Jackets, Chaps, Head wear

PHSADC Objectives

  • The Primary objective of PHSADC is to uplift, develop and build up hunting and sporting arms industry of Pakistan and to strengthen and support the technical capabilities thereof so as to enhance competitiveness of the industry as a whole.
  • To divert the attention of gun makers from illegal lethal weapons to legalize hunting and sporting calibers.
  • Devise an effective long term strategy to create an investment friendly environment, upgrade technology, link global supply chain and generate employment in this sector.
  • To make this sector a driving force in bringing in foreign exchange through direct investments and exports.
  • Enterprise strengthening through technology up-gradation, Total Quality Management and new business channels.
  • International promotion.

PHSADC Services

  • Getting necessary NOCís
  • Facilitation in Machinery selection
  • Selection of HR
  • Product Development (Designing, Drawing and Raw material sourcing for the product)
  • Product Marketing & Selling
  • Products and trade partner selection
  • Business agreements facilitation
  • Customized product development solutions
  • Customized brand labeling
  • Protecting business transactions

Business Opportunities

The new business opportunities in the sector will help in attracting more potential investors to set new hunting and sporting units which can contribute immensely in generating employment which is the prime objective of the Government. The entreprenurers will facilitate manufacturing of hunting and sporting arms in KPK and FATA, hunting knives, daggers and swords in Wazirabad and Gujranwala and leather and fabric accessories across Pakistan. It will also groom the workers/labor to improve their craftsmanship. The new business opportunities will open Gateway to Central Asia, USA, UK, Europe and other countries across the globe. It involves a low cost of infrastructure to establish their business as it has a developed cluster base. The availability of semi-skilled and cheap labor force will help in producing quality firearms as the requisite raw-materials are available in the market. The availability of engraving & checkering experts is easy as they are manufacturing these firearms since their forefathers. There is a great global and local market potential as the exports policy is flexible and can be exported to anywhere in the world. International standards can be achieved through proper metallurgy and precision machining. The hunting knives, daggers, swords and leather and fabric accessories clusters are 100% export oriented. The newly established businesses will also contribute in engaging the youth of the Pakistan through employment generation which currently is the biggest concern for the government.

New Business Line

Information about getting NOC, Permits, License & Certification.

PHSADC is a sector development company that only facilitates manufacturing the cluster in technical and marketing domains. All regulatory and legislative regimes with respect to hunting and sporting firearms manufacturing industry is being look after by the competent authorities at provincial and national levels.

However the company will help the manufacturers in obtaining all NOCís, permits and authorities from the competent authorities.

Procedure of Domestic Transportation of Firearms

The firearms manufactured locally are being sold through registered firearms dealer / retailer network. In this regard a particular dealer first obtains a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the office of the concerned District Coordination Officer (DCO). NOC along with a purchase order is sent to the manufacturer, who on the basis of these two documents files an application in the office of the relevant DCO for the issuance of transports license. The transport license is issued after verification by the police department.

On the basis of the said transport license weapons are drawn from the inventory of the manufacturer. The consignment along with the packing list containing serial numbers of each weapon and other requisite documentation is transported to the concerned dealer / retailer. In- land transpiration of firearms is only permissible through railways. From manufacturing unit to the premises of dealer / retail an escort of railway police accompanies the consignment.

Export Procedures

In order to export firearms an import permit issued by the government of the importing country along with an end used certification issued by the importer is required. On the basis of said documents the Pakistani exporter receives a NOC from the Ministry of Defense Production, Govt. of Pakistan. Where upon the consignment is handed over to the freight forwarder along with the requisite documents for onward shipment to the consignee.

Current Export Procedure:

The export procedure of Hunting & Sporting Arms & Ammunition is adopted as per essential rules defined by the Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP). Any export facility carried out through PHSADCís is matured by passing under listed steps:

The Import Permit received from importer for hunting & sporting arms & ammunition, along with End User Certificate printed on importers official letter head. The Exporter in continuation, submits the whole package (Purchase Order including detail of products, Packing, Quantity, Import permit and EU Certificate) received from the Importer to MoDP for further processing regarding issuance of Export NOC. MoDP forwards the submitted importation documents to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for verification. After verification of import documents, MoDP then issues NOC/PERMIT FOR EXPORT OF DEFENCE PRODUCTS. The whole process till issuance of NOC for Export takes 2~3 months.

PHSADC will provide facilitation in getting export NOC.

Import Procedure

In order to import firearms into Pakistan, an import authorization is obtained from the Ministry of Commerce. This authorization is further attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Upon attestation the import authorization is forward to the exporter abroad, who after the receipt of the said documents ships the consignment.